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By receiving industry related topics, images, and keywords that search engines will find relevant will increase your website overall web presence and ranking score. Widen your content and offer your viewers more and more for search engines to find.

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How it works:

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You’ll instantly receive content and articles based on your selected plans amount directly to your page and you’ll start expanding your website’s content.

Secondly, and importantly you’ll also be receiving and generating external links.

Not only are backlinks important, but external links pointing to outside of your domain have also been researched to be another huge factor in SEO ranking. By referring and relating content to outside sources you are also creating relationships to your claims of relevance and credibility. Search engines finds the related claims that are backed up with related content and will generate a bigger SEO score card.

Inbound Article Factors:

  • Expand your onsite keywords
  • Receive updating content
  • Credible external industry related links
  • Increase in SEO Rating

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Questions Answered

Q: What Are Inbound Articles?

A: Inbound articles are blog articles hosted on your sited from guest bloggers.

Q: How Are Inbound Guest Articles Sent To My Site?

A: Inbound articles are sent to your website though SEO Blog-it’s WordPress Plugin, using a [shortcode]. It pulls articles from our data base and delivered to your site. Sign-up & Start Today!

Q: Why Do I Need To Host Inbound Articles?

A: Receiving content from the same industry is a huge deal. It will authenticate inbound and outbound links. This is an important part of link building strategy you’ll need for your seo onsite content. This is the area where you can surpass your competitors Seo and ranking.

Q: What Do Inbound Articles Look like?

A: View SEO Blog-it guest articles here: Guest Articles

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