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  • Getting a higher seo rating score has never been easier.

Sharing your website link across the web with related websites adds a sense of trust within that network. Google sees this as trusted and a recommended way for other companies to promote and send their users and visitors. This ranking method is called “Trust Flow”.

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With SEO Blog-it’s platform and strategy you’ll target the industry your in, use your own keywords, and articles with your backlinks. SEO Blog-it will automatically post and send your articles properly to connected industry websites. You’ll be able to send out backlinks rapidly and without any hassle.

How it works:

  1. Construct your unique article in your Seo Blog-it dashboard.
  2. Attach an image and links.
  3. Press Send. Then repeat. That’s it!

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Don’t Waste Time Using Old Strategies

The strategy of backlinking has been difficult and time consuming to accomplish. One strategy has been by purchasing your own PBN’s and posting your links there. With that, the strategy is broken because it costs more money and you’ll be using unrelated content to put your links onto. The other is knocking door to door on related sites asking for a guest article or link trading. Not all sites or companies are for that and is super tedious work.

SEO Blog-it Is Doing The Work For You

We create the network, gather the industries your in, and send your posted articles directly to those sites. We put linking and guest articles on auto pilot!

Outbound Article Factors:

  • Expand your industry reach
  • Pilot backlinks
  • Generate trust flow
  • Increase in SEO Rating

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Questions Answered

Q: What Are Inbound Articles?

A: Inbound articles are blog articles hosted on your sited from guest bloggers.

Q: How Are Inbound Guest Articles Sent To My Site?

A: Inbound articles are sent to your website though SEO Blog-it’s WordPress Plugin, using a [shortcode]. It pulls articles from our data base and delivered to your site. Sign-up & Start Today!

Q: Why Do I Need To Host Inbound Articles?

A: Receiving content from the same industry is a huge deal. It will authenticate inbound and outbound links. This is an important part of link building strategy you’ll need for your seo onsite content. This is the area where you can surpass your competitors Seo and ranking.

Q: What Do Inbound Articles Look like?

A: View SEO Blog-it guest articles here: Guest Articles