PBN VS SEO Blog-it

First thing is First, Understanding PBN and how they are used.

What are PBN’s? PBN’s – Are Private Blog Networks that are used to place back links onto in the SEO world. One of the arguments of PBN are they really private if public links and keywords are added to them? The second argument, are you really gaining related blogs to link to, and how much does this matter? Third, how much control to you get to have? PBN’s entitle much research and time to get things right.

The struggles with PBN’s

PBN’s cost range anywhere between $40-400 and up. It depends on how much traffic each PBN generates and also if you are using an agency to purchase them through, could also be even higher. After purchasing your PBN, then, you will have a hosting fee of around $12 a month plus time setting up each one. You can see how the cost and time quickly adds up. Most PBNs will be unrelated content and unrelated to your industry, creating flags and spam looking backlinks to search engine crawlers. You can also risk having your website delisted from search engines from having to many backlinks on unrelated sites. Another Flaw of when owning PBN’s you are responsible for updating the site and content creating more time consumption. If the PBN website and content is not updating it will end up de-ranking and lose points from SEO and lowering its presence and importance, resulting in lowering the importance in your backlinks.

SEO Blog-it Industry Networking

How does SEO Blog-it work? SEO Blog-it works by using an algorithm to link industry related sites together. Website owners will create a blog article, with their keywords, content, and backlinks to be posted onto like websites. SEO Blog-it then finds a match to post your article to, relieving a huge amount of time off your hands and the cost as well. You’ll be able to send linkbacks all across the web to linked industries.
Furthermore, SEO Blog-it sends content to your site to host to further increase your SEO. This is something that PBN fails to achieve. Hosting articles, content, and external links are a great deal for SEO especially when it is relevant and related.

Main Benefits Of SEO Blog-it

  • Cost Less – More for your money
  • Significantly Less Time Consuming
  • More and faster backlinking building
  • Industry related networking
  • Inbound content and links
  • Automated
  • No extra hosting fees

Why is it important to receive content?

Your SEO score card will depend on how much content your website has to offer and the wide range of content, as well as how often your website is being updated. It’s also important for SEO to have external links that point to verified, related, and credible content of external websites. Receiving content is also what makes the network complete, having a receiver and a sender in each industry. This becomes a win-win situation for each party.

SEO benefits are working on both fronts. Onsite and offsite:

  • Receive Automated content. – Onsite.
  • Automated outbound articles and linkbacks. – Offsite.
Put both together and you have a huge network powerhouse SEO Traffic Web presence.

The Industry Outreach is unlimited!

The network reaches across the nation to give you the most wide reach of linkbacks. You’ll have an option to opt in to B2B industries outside of your own. An example would be if you are an ad agency you may want to network with other businesses to gain expose within that group. As a safety net, your industry network will be limited in your current business location eliminating any local competitor conflicts.

Further More

Nathan Gotch at gotchseo.com lays out nicely and in depth the struggles with PBN’s(Article: https://www.gotchseo.com/are-pbns-worth-it/)I encourage you to check it out. It’s definitely a good read and the exact reason why SEO Blog-it was created to solve those struggles and issues.

Start Your Blog it network today!

The Popcorn effect

The Seo Blog-it Popcorn Effect –

This company, brand, and strategy I am calling the popcorn effect. It starts out as a small popcorn kernel and when it pops it expands and grows rapidly fast. With the help of a strong affiliate program that earns continues monthly revenue on a subscription based program draws in huge amounts of referrals. Then unites each industry in a rapid growing pace.

The True Value

This is one popcorn kernel in the bag that is mentioned above. However, the over all bucket of popcorn is the true value of the SEO strategy by itself. The real important part of a product should be able to sell itself. Based on the huge need in this market niche of competing in SEO marketing to rank #1 in the search results is what SEO blog-it capitalizes on. It helps websites with backlink ranking and authenticating which is one of the most missed strategy platform available until now. Further it helps websites stay up to date and provides automated content.

SEO Blog-it is uniting and creating a huge network community for those who are inspired to growing and ranking up their websites. Be heard and be seen and reach out to likewise industries within this platform only provided by us. The uniqueness of this platform creates an even much need by websites.