Writing Perfect Blog Titles & Tips

Writing better titles in 2020

Write The Perfect Eye Popping, Catchy Article Titles

When writing your blog titles you will always want to grab the readers attention and if you are not grabbing the readers attention chances are you are not getting googles attention either. Getting started with blog titles is easy, but 1st start creating a list of topics to write about in your article. Once you have a paragraphs written for each topic, next thing is choosing a catchy title for each paragraph. The idea of a catchy title is think of them as slogs that sums up each paragraphs that adds more interest in that statements topics. Even add some comic book expressions into them.

The importance of excellently written titles

This comes down to keeping a readers interest or increasing your pages bounce rate. A bounce rate is when a page visitor lands on your page and bounces off in a few seconds and leaves your domain altogether. A good article, topic, and titles will keep your readers coming back.

  • A good title is another way to increase the readers interests of your sells lead and pitch.
  • Most people scan titles of interest before reading a paragraph
  • Identifies the relationship and significance of the article and/or paragraph
  • Being original helps with SEO and unique content

Types of stylized titles to try

  • Bold – rush, create urgency, act/read now.
  • Thin – large informative articles, easier on eyes for long readers
  • Color – Branding/product awareness
  • News – try using easy to read serif fonts

Things to avoid while choosing your headline topics

Here’s a list I personally came up with to avoid altogether. After you have a good idea of what not to do, you’ll have a better understand on how to conduct and demonstrate a good interesting title and headliner.

It’s recommend to Not use:

  1. TOP 10 Tips, or 10 BEST ideas (it’s over used and it’s pretty much annoying and people tend to skip over those topics.) – Be more creative and unique!!
  2. Avoid making titles to lengthy or too short
  3. Do not use “We” “I” “Our”, talk to your readers and use “You” “Your” “Trust”
  4. All Caps, it inflects to your readers you are being too pushy with your syntactic, no one like a pushy sales person.
  5. Negative titles, keep titles positive, motivating and encouraging when possible.
  6. Do not use too many different font sizes, keep them all consistent.

Give it a shot, and come up with your creative title

Write a few ideas down and really give it some thought to choosing your perfect title. After you have a few written down circle back around and read through your list and pick out the right one that really pops and grabs your attention. You really have to sell your paragraphs to your readers!!

Here’s a list of creative words to get you going
Block buster..
Zap into the fast lane with these ideas..
Rocket your way..

By now you should a good idea of how to write the perfect title, down below tell us what is your perfect title for your articles and what tips do you use when writing your titles.